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Book A Caricature Event



TRADITIONAL    $140/hr

The most popular style is my traditional, hand drawn caricatures on heavy 11x14 drawing paper. My technique is not your typical theme park contour drawing, I use bold graphite and create depth and shadows, making for a beautiful wall hanging with a comical twist! Using this method I can draw up to 25 faces per hour! I am fully equipped to draw indoors or outdoors, whichever you prefer. I bring my own supplies, easel, table, chairs, tent, lighting, everything! All you have to do is book me! >>PERFECT FOR WEDDING RECEPTIONS!


DIGITAL   $180/hr

Growing in popularity, digital caricatures are perfect for corporate and college events, private parties, and commercial gigs. This is an indoor service only as I am working on a 27" Imac and printing the caricatures on site in full color. The caricatures are hand drawn on a tablet, and are visible on the big screen so everyone can watch the sketch come to life! Using this method I can draw up to 10 people per hour!. This service draws huge crowds so leave some space behind me for people to watch the artwork evolve! I am fully equipped with this service as well, you just need to provide electricity and a clean, dry place for me to draw!


In my 21 years of live drawing, I have never had a unhappy client!  If you would like a reference,  just ask!

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